Thursday, December 16, 2010

The humble poem

by Philip Early

I have the time
to find the rhymes
to write to play
the things I say

one word syllables
are not billable
lawyers make much more cash
in their banks they stack their stash

this is just a measly poem

really no hard discipline
no longer even need a pen
and grades
well if you make a mistake
the rhymes half baked

no matter tis just a measly poem

it does not quite roll off the tongue
who cares
what did you expect

maybe way back when
Nadia Comaneci
could get a ten
I'll write my stuff
and just pretend

it's more then a measly poem

that it has meaning
transcends the hour
words written on
stone through time
that tower

but it's just a measly poem

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Word of the day:(for Becky)

Demagogue: A leader who makes false promises and claims to gain power. who stokes prejudices for political gain. see also Fear Monger, or Rush Limbaugh.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Obama, 4th of July and Montrose Colorado

Well I hooked up with Jason Wadlin a intern for the Barack Obama campaign here in Montrose Colorado. We hung out on the 4th, made some Obama posters and t-shirts for the local 4th Parade and walked in the parade. It was a very small parade, and a lot of fun. Geoff Jason's brother dressed up as Uncle Sam and carried a big American flag. And I met some very nice people and had fun walking down main street waving to people.

There was a a group of cyclists riding from Baltimore to S.F. California (birthplace of my mom!) They are raising money for cancer research. I was happy to get to chat with a few of them. They're college students and most go to John Hopkins. here's their web site:

They all have blue bike outfits and said they're Obama supporters so that's cool too.

anyway I'm volunteering for the Obama campaign. We'll be out at the Montrose Farmer's Market next Saturday registering people. that should be great fun too, meeting the nice people of Montrose and all those who travel into town for our delicious local produce.

I guess I'll have to update that I'm here now. I noticed my profile still says Seattle Washington. The last post I did was years ago complaining about president Bush and the war in Iraq.

I have a few things to say about this bad foreign policy. John McCain, as much as I like him, (and I do, I can't demonize the guy, just because I disagree on points. Where as Bush has been willfully incompetent, McCain has more integrity in his little finger then Bush has in all his years of lazy entitlement rich boy arrogant life. Bad metaphor but you get the idea.) McCain supported this ideololgy: lets invade the Mid East and make them democracies. Obama has always been against the war. This issue is so important to me as to be grounded in moral principle: Of course you must defend yourselves, but invading Iraq wasn't us defending ourselves, it was trying to make an American empire. And really it boils down to oil, and the oil lobbies, and the fact the Bush family is connected and made by oil. So our next president Obama gets my vote, because it's time for some non corrupt, practical thinking. The Neo-cons had their chance. We foolihshly went along with it. Now they are clawing to stay in power behind John McCain someone they don't even really believe in. I say lets move away from creating wars. These policies have weakened us in the world. Let's make a change for better.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My War Position: for the record.

Well what is to believed of a guy who rereads an old post (Spin and Iraq) and replies to it two years later? He's ****** in the head? That of course is a rhetorical question. I don't think I'm ***** in the head and neither does my therapist!

For the record I've always been against the war, and against re-electing that klutzy ideologue G. Bush. His incompetent, unrealistic"Onward Christian Soldiers" approach to handling American foreign policy has caused seemingly no end to suffering and death. It is strongly evident, more people in this small world hate the U.S. and Americans then I can ever remember.

So for the record: before the war when I was working at U.P.S. I told everyone I knew. "I'm against this war." Discussion would follow. And right here in Seattle Washington, a stronghold of liberal thought, the majority supported the war. Astounding how they were fooled. I generously exempt myself from this list of fooled people, because I was against the war. Not if it was poorly thought out, not if they could build a successful government, not if years later the whole country is in a state of chaos, with death coming from every direction. Not if its a success I'm for it, if it's not I blame Bush on not executing properly, like the Neo Cons have complained.

It was always wrong. Preemptive war that is. Add the tortures at Abu Ghraib and injustices of Guantanamo Bay and what we have here is an administration that is lawless. Our president is a criminal. And we allowed him and his crony's to steal an election, and turn our tax dollars into war crimes. Not to really get into what this ugly situation is doing to men and women who chose to serve our country. Our war, that would be greeted according to Dick, the anti-christ Cheney with hosannas of praises from the Iraqi people has destroyed their country, and bankrupted us morally as well as fiscally. My country that I grew up to believe was for freedom and justice for all, is right now run by thugs who claim Christ as their leader. The way I understand it: Christ was the Prince of Peace.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why writers never tire of writing about war and stuff.

You know why writers get block? Professional writers that is? Because I think they can only know so much, experience so much, and they have standards. If they write about something well, especially fiction, they don't want to repeat themselves. After all someone somewhere has experienced things they have before them, and chances are they've written something fine on the subject.

How many variations of a love story, or a tragedy can there be? "A soldier was killed by a roadside bomb." If current, it's news but it's happened before: Vietnam, World War 2, The Civil War? Probably sometime somewhere some poor soldier just hoping to get through and get back home was blown to smithereens by some ordinance. Poor soul, hope there is a heaven, and hope he's going there...

Point is if bad things have happened, if experiences have been repeated over and over through out the past, stuff we can read about then, why, oh why can't we cut down on the tragedies, and concentrate on increasing the good stuff, the love? It's not because people, political leaders such as George W. Bush don't know about history, it's because they don't care. They have debts to those who put them in power, and they have to pay it. So they make up reasons, justifications to do what they do. Then no matter how pointless, sad, and unnecessary, someone's son dies too soon, far from home next to a shitty little road.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spin and Iraq

So I have been highly opinionated about Iraq and the U.S. governmet's policies. What's interesting, and what I've learned is the stakes are so high, that you can't trust right off most stories that come your way. Be it from the right and Bush's own mouth, or from far left critics. That's right folks both sides will spin. And to me spin means lie. Why would they do that? Why can't we get the plain truth? A straight answer is the political divide is so wide now the not one quarter can be given to the other guy's opinion.

When we get down to it, politics is not about lying, it's about getting things done, and trying to effect lives positively. So we have our president who is not a liar as such, as he is married to an ideology. An ideology that is in fact commendable. The bringing of stability, to the mid east. All while endorsing the freedom of democracy. Why I can agree the big picture is something to strive for, I have been highly doubtful of the strategy to implement this brave new world.

Besides, things that a president says can in fact be direct lies, if the president deems it is important for national security. Since we are in a war of trying to build a government and quell a insurgency, expect with holding of information to be the standard operating procedure. All the while trying to accomplish these admirable goals, propagada is with out question being fed to us.

On the other hand we have people on the left who have always pointed out that the reasons given to invade Iraq have been fabricated, and that the situation is so bad that the largely Pentagon controled media can not cover the real stories going on over there. The reporters being targets for insurgents largely confine themselve to small pockets of Iraq, not able to safely go out into the streets and get the "real story" So not only are they suseptible to taking the information given from our military reports. The media liberal and right wing both are stiffled from getting out and digging up the variety of stories. So we hear alot of the same reports from all the sources.

Or we hear anything Bush says is lies, when that's not true either. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when some lefties tried to negatively spin the heartening news of successful elections. Such rabid stiff necked thinking benefits no one, and discredits any enlightened opinions they might offer in the future.

What do we who are interested in knowing the whole story do? Well some digging of our own. Use alternative media too. Media not beholden to the U.S. government. We don't get our information from one source. I love the NY Times but will even get information from Fox, , BBC, Reuters, blogs etc. the truth is out there as the saying goes. I believe that. Still I look hard at any report given. And spin and opinions are like noses everyone has one.

What in my realist opinions do I think of Iraq? Man, it's a long haul. The sucess of the first elections looked promising, but I have to balance that with the over 1500 U.S. troops dead, and the over eleven thousand wounded. Yeah they have the body armor, covers the torso, so U.S. troops are coming home after many suffer IED attacks. (look it up on Google) They're coming back maimed, with loss of limbs. The spin and predictions can't change the casualty rates. Left and Right debate. I chime in too, but the real story is to look beyond, to not be fooled by anything.

My thoughts, my personal spin. No lying here. I would think the death and suffering is worth making a successful Iraq. A democratic, new, working nation. But what I have gleaned is civil war is just as likely as the projected vision of Bushies. A large percentage of Sunnis feel disenfranchised from the nation, the insurgents are those who don't think they wiil get enough share of the pie. Or think the whole thing is a corrupted Western abomination no matter what leaders are voted for. Fact: the interim government is corrupt, people know it 's not the permanent thing, so are jockeying for power now. The Kurds will want their own automonous state. It's all a mess waiting to really blow. All this, I'm still rooting for success, I see a 50/50 chance. That's a generous, hopeful view, only adopted, because the elections show the people's will may stand through the fire that racks the country now. Success may be snatched from the jaws of anarchy yet, meanwhile our brave armed forces are in the hell-of-death-that-can-come-at-anytime.

I wish the Iraqis well, but my sympathies reside with the American soldiers put in a situation that may be impossible to fix. Trying to foster what the Iraqi people couldn't do themselves. What they may refuse to do.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Dreams of nublie girls, bush and ayn rand.

oh hell, so I always go to this one guy's site, we disagree on things politically, so I enjoy commenting when I disagree with him on stuff. he's a cool guy because he doesn't take my points too personally, and seems very even handed and replies to my comments. Now I added a comment and he made it so anyone can make a comment, and the blogger world link to your name (bringing people back here to my empty blog space doesn't work. So this is a test, post some stuff and see if I'm logged in. I think I will work on my writing by posting more often. Who really has the time though? I mean I got a Tom Cruise movie to watch, then off to bed, and dreaming of nubile beautiful women to massage my feet and sing me praises at my charm and silly optimism.
Man I'd make a good Republican, if only I was a true believer. Really Republicans scare me with their Borg, "you will be assimilated" over the top rightness. I mean they love Anne Tyler for chris sake. Or is it Ayn Rand, Bonnie Tyler? Let's see Total Eclipse of the Heart, or The Fountainhead, The Accidental Tourist? hmmmm. I'm not good at pop culture. Only thing that dominates my thoughts lately (besides dreams of nubile girls rubbing my feet and singing praises) The oxymoron the is optimised by Bush: "We will make peace by waging war. No really the troops will be home in a year. I swear the car only got driven on the weekend by a little old lady from Pasadena." lies on top of lies, how can we... I believe it? Still I don't believe chicken little either, the sky is not falling. Why in politics do you have to be so extreme to participate. Let's get back to the happy medium of compromising for the good of all. I don't wanna be assimilated.